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Featured Artists vol.09

Tue Jun 30, 2015, 4:06 PM
Hello my friends i hope everybody is fine, it's been a long time since i have featured your beautiful artworksHeart

So here i am again with a new collection that i faved recently, enjoy this lovely bunch of digital artworks

Hunting by lombrascura     Lost by MachiavelliCro   Rain by Aeternum-Art   Sweet Serial Killer by TheCallyBear

Ride by Kevinchichetti      Back To Life by Lub-Ad     The Eccentric Perturbations of by theflickerees

Speedpaint #15 by Sylar113    Speedpaint #17 by Sylar113    Speedpaints #16 by Sylar113

departure by RoadioArts    PA96 Outpost by YongL

landscape #28 by Sylar113  landscape #23 by Sylar113

Master and slave by yousaf-ejaz    It All Needs To Stop by Bosslogix

Dream 2 by BaxiaArt     fantasy by BaxiaArt    ... by BaxiaArt

landscape #25 by Sylar113  Home by Sylar113   My home is my fortress by Marchut

Forgotten by Tifareth    j.a.f.f.a. by vesner

To The Wonder by lorency      The Beginning of an End by swinspeed   Gele by swinspeed

Into the Abyss of Time by Marchut  dark fog... by Alcove  ... by Alcove

Endless Journey by RHADS       Pierian spring by RHADS    Waiting For The Wave by RHADS

Sorrow For Whales by RHADS   Infinite Dreams by RHADS   Dreamkiller by RHADS

Light In The Dark by Sylar113   landscape #18 by Sylar113   landscape #8(From heaven to earth) by Sylar113

City in the sky by Sylar113   Observatory by Sylar113   landscape #19 (Rain) by Sylar113

Speedpaint #10 by Sylar113    Dream... by BaxiaArt    ... by BaxiaArt

             Whats up guys , i'm back again with this new Journal feature edition , actually i was so busy in the last months and i haven't found enough time to make new artworks and i'm super bummed about it... any way i'm so grateful for your comments, favs, and watch  coz i reached now 614 watchers and that means a lot to me
Also many thanks to my friend :iconaeirmid: for awarding me a second deviation , thank you so much Jade ^^             
Defeat the darkness by ZedLord-Art
Now i share with you these beautiful collection of artworks i've faved recently : 

Old Bridge Winter by taenaron Speedpaint #19 by Sylar113

Speedpaints #16 by Sylar113         Autumnal by JennyLe88

Void by m4gik     Alone... by Alcove

Joker by m4gik      DACS - Soul Slavery by he1z        Welcome Autumn by Dani-Owergoor

Celestial Warrior Gabrielle by Carlos-Quevedo   Zero Gravity - collaboration by neverdying

Dandelions by AquaSixio         island . by megatruh

landscape #23 by Sylar113        Speedpaint #10 by Sylar113

Dragon master by JennyLe88  To the moon by Sylar113

Ceridwen by JaiMcFerran     R A P H A E L by Carlos-Quevedo

Nautilus by IrKos Poem of levitation by Piroshki-Photography

A Silent Night... by Aeternum-designs    Happy Thoughts Make you Fly by Wesley-Souza

Lola's Ballet Lesson by nina-Y      Now what by amorphisss        A b l a z e by Aeternum-designs

My secret friend by CindysArt     Lights in the Forest by Aeternum-designs

Hi there , it's been a long time since my last journal featureFacepalm  , i can barely find time for uploading new works Yummy ...

here are some beautiful works i faved recently, i hope you like them...

Night Ride by Raphael-LacosteD R E A M S by tincek-marincek

Contained by neverdyingOf Flame and Blood by neverdyingSky Map by Emerald-Depths

Knite: We Dream by yuumeiashes by LunarShore
The Story Teller II by theflickereesunknown place by Secr3tDesignSteps of Hata Zukal by TitusLunter

Shipyard by SimonWeanerOracle by KarezoidFarewell 2 by 88grzes
The Passage by RoadioArtspeak2 by SHUME-1A Great Hope by Marchut
The Fisherman by r-flpeak  3 by SHUME-1To Dance With Jack of the Shadows by KaylaWoodside

Summoner 2 by 88grzesSummoner by 88grzesThe Time Traveller by TitusBoy25

solitude under by SHUME-1last ship departed by SHUME-1Come to Me... by Dani-Owergoor

Dimensional Shift by neverdyingOld gas station by UnidColorthe journey wallpaper by BaxiaArt

magic sky by BaxiaArtThe Forsaken of Troy ver.2 by Drake1024

Bringing the Light by MindTuberNever Let Go by ReyeD33
Valerian by shahanbHORSEPOWER by lucaszoltowski

Winter Night II by BaxiaArtFear of Darkness by Aeternum-designs

Autumn Evening by Aeternum-designs   Hunter by J-u-d-a-s

100 points Giveaway(closed)

Fri Nov 1, 2013, 2:04 PM

The winners are:

number 5 : octobre-rouge   50 Points
number 31:  Clovis-cutestkitten   50 Points

congratulations and see you next times I love deviantART!

Hi there , and welcome to my journal, i'm giving 100 pointsPoints  giveaway and there will be 2 winners choosen using

Entering is simple- all you have to do is:
1. +fav This journal- This generates a list I can choose the winner from.
2. Added to my devWatch! Be a watcher.

Deadline is November 16th, 2013
Good luck to everyone  and happy weekend I love deviantART!

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Bonjour à tous !

et bienvenue dans cette nouvelle édition de Feature, j'espère que vous avez passé de bonnes vacances d'été ...
comme d'habitude me revoici avec une belle collection de mes favoris récents ..
Merci à tous de me suivre , passez une excellente journée et a bientôt...


Hello everyone!

and welcome to a new journal feature, i hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation..
as always i'm back with a beautiful new feature for my recent favs...
Thank you for following me and have a nice day..

recent work

                      The Dark side by ZedLord-Art                                                



                                            Other Worlds by Whendell   

                                 New visions by Whendell                    London - Infected by Whendell

The Palace of Death by UnKnown-Designer092          Cindermaw tiger (aka The floor is lava) by Meteorskies     Enlighten by blue-a


Don't Leave Me Alone !!! by Cold-Tommy-Gin                    dream sequence by blue-a                     Hope Floats Away by RGDart

Victorian Elegance by octobre-rouge        Moonlight by VampireDarlla      Make me Blind by blaithiel

My Heart Is Refusing by TitusBoy25            When night comes and I'm far from home by Aeternum-designs          Lost Souls by Aeternum-designs           The Rough Sea by Aeternum-designs

                       Migration Route by Paulo-Bert             The  Tower Of Chronologist by VarLa-art

Do you ever come back? by imperioli     Imagine Dragons by Kevinchichetti  Good Evening by TopMystic

                     Drifting Away by alltelleringet           I love rain by megan7

CristiB TheLoneUdertaker by Cristi-B                           The Long Way Up by Cristi-B

Hi There,  

Welcome to a new journal feature for the best artists on DA , first i still need a help in this new poll theartofmanipulation.deviantar… Love   this is my work Rainy Forest by ZedLord-Art

Here are some beautiful works i saw last week , i hope you enjoy them :heart:

Sunset forest by Aeternum-designsFrom Darkness by Aeternum-designs

Our secret place by CindysArt Invasion by TheDarkRayne

Wonderland 1 by JaiMcFerran
Devour to Survive by TheDarkRayne

The Barn by neverdyingLe Guetteur Silencieux by octobre-rougeI Dare You by neverdying
Follow the Path by melanneart

Lights in the darkness III by MirellaSantanaAway by MirellaSantana
BURN  OUT by MirellaSantana
Hello My Friends  

Welcome to a new journal feature for the best artists on DA , first i would be very gratefulLove if you vote for my work Rainy Forest by ZedLord-Art in this poll theartofmanipulation.deviantar…      

And here are some creative wonderful works i've seen in the last weeks, i hope you enjoy them Heart.

Always loving you by CindysArt  Hopeless by psdholic

i saw you go... forever by RamonaG  fly without me little bird by RamonaG

Rebirth by m4gik  desktopgraphy 2011 by grohsARTig

A MESSAGE OF HOPE by naradjou14   magic sky by BaxiaArt

.. deszcz .. by BaxiaArt   Black Fire Upon Us by ErikShoemaker

The Forgotten Wardens by ErikShoemaker   Ooops by NoorL3yoon

:thumb378170624:    The Bleeding Gun by lady-amarillis

Circus Diabolique by lady-amarillis    Traumtaenzer by kuschelirmel

Wizard's Domain by Wyrmheart    Cuentos Invernales by CrisestepArt

dancing city lights by fredericchristian    Missing you by DiosaEMR

One Cold Night by neverdying

Featured Artists vol.3

Journal Entry: Fri May 24, 2013, 11:23 AM
  • Mood: Joy

sharing some of my recent favs , i hope you enjoy this feature  :love:

I Found The Guardian by Wesley-Souza
Spaceship by KennethJensen
Oncoming Storm by Alayna
The traveler by Wesley-Souza
Fisherman by RoadioArts  Dark Messenger by Pyrogas-Artworks
Like a road movie by octobre-rouge
The struggle within by sara-hel
The Raven Tears by Aeternum-designs
Take Me Where Dreams Are by i-am-JENius
Wish you peace everywhere you go... by Dani-Owergoor
No Turning Back by NoorL3yoon
2033 by Cakobelo
Trough The Space and Time by Marchut  The Moment of the Transition by MindTuber
s p l e e n by octobre-rouge Life After Death by Aeternum-designs
Leaving Home by NoorL3yoon

Wendy's Nightmares by Paulo-Bert

  • Mood: Joy
Hi there and welcome to a new journal feature edition for the best works i've seen in the last few days, here we go...

The Find by FictionChick Sunrise Sail by FictionChick
Limits by Aeternum-designs
Spirit Water by Aeternum-designs
Time Tunnel - Past by Dani-Owergoor Chess by Dani-Owergoor
The Guardian by Wesley-Souza
Naufrago by Antonio-Figueiredo
Tree Of Life by Dasha444
. : s i l e n c e : . by utopic-man

waiting, endlessly by AF-studios Last days by swinspeedFinal Journey by RoadioArts departure by RoadioArts
The Dark Passenger by neverdying
never ending story II by AF-studiosat End of story by Xan-04
Untitled by Antonio-Figueiredo
Guardians by MachiavelliCro
atracting by naradjou14

My first DD!

Fri Apr 5, 2013, 1:38 AM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Reading: Unlimited power by Anthony Robbins
I was absent for one week and when when i opened my page, i was surprised by a lot of comments, fav and watchers, then I realized I received a daily deviation!!! I am so fulfilled and honored about it that I can't find right words to express my feelings!
Here it is:
                           moon lamp by ZedLord-Art

so i want to thank a lot indeed my friends: Elandria :iconelandria: for suggesting it and Jade :iconaeirmid: for featuring it :hug: you really made my day :clap:


also i want to thank all the artists who commented, faved wand watched , i really appreciate it :heart:

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Hello my friends!
This is my first journal feature for my favourite artists on DA :clap: , and sorry if i forgot someone, it will be next time :love: and here we go

Never Stop Dreaming by FictionChick World Below by FictionChick Door to Your Dreams by FictionChick

goodbye my friend by Lhianne free by Lhianne The Moment by Keid

I Believe by Sandra-Cristhina Book Of Friendship by Sandra-Cristhina Friends Forever by Sandra-Cristhina

Steampunk Romance by Deltamike Goodbye my little friend.. by Deltamike Battle on sea of clouds by Deltamike

The Silence by Dani-Owergoor The Valley by Dani-Owergoor Mysterious Ways I by Dani-Owergoor

Thinking of You by i-am-JENius Ghost of the Past by i-am-JENius The Vampire Hunter by i-am-JENius

Sadar Bas by NiAnluain E'oin by NiAnluain Beiriste by NiAnluain

t  r  i  a  d by hengie Tainted memories by Ahmed-R-Shalaby Valley Of Desolation by Ahmed-R-Shalaby

Imaginary World of a Child by Wesley-Souza The Last Gate by MindTuber El puente by ElenaDudina

Teddy bear by ElenaDudina Eam by MachiavelliCro Lift me up by MachiavelliCro

Fear of the Dark by MachiavelliCro Our Journey by Tropfich Top of the Hill by Vanleith

Everlasting Wanderers by Vanleith Here Comes The Sun by Vanleith Fisheye Placebo: background concept art by yuumei

Happy new year and my first journal entry!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 7:37 AM
Hi everybody, i was so lazy to write a journal- finally i found a little time to write it .

I started manipulating with photoshop in 2010 since i saw some amazing works around the web, i told in myself why i dont try to make similar works so i started to learn photoshop and it was not very difficult, and i gained a lot of experience since i joined the DA community so by the way i wanna thank all the talented and generous artists in DA who share their amazing works, tutorials and beautiful stock images
also a big thank to all my watchers :heart: :heart: and members who faved and commented my works ,this means a lot for me.  
for my works i dont like to focus on a specific style in orther not to get bored with the same kind o manipultaion.
finally i wish for you all a happy new year, full of new creative works and inspirtations

2013 typo by ZedLord-Art  2013 by ZedLord-Art

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Rules - updated

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 17, 2012, 11:57 PM

My stock rules

:bulletgreen: Credit me if you have used any of my stock. Please include a link to my DeviantArt profile .

:bulletgreen: Contact me when you have used my stock, providing me with a link to the artwork.

:bulletgreen: You may post artworks containing my stock on other websites or tutorials but just credit me.

:bulletgreen: For commercial use, contact me.

:bulletgreen: No redistribution of my stocks in any form is allowed.

:bulletgreen: Be creative, try to do more than simple editing.

:bulletgreen: Do not use my stock in works containing nudity or sexual or religious content, please.

:bulletgreen:You are allowed to use my stock in a premade BG, just respect the previous rules.

FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

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The Prophet Muhammad

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 21, 2012, 6:31 AM
This is a short video about the Prophet Muhammad